Newsletter April 2008

2 nd Steering Commitee: Poland, Szczecin 11 an 12 April 2008

Some useful and practical information :

. The accomodation will be : Hotel CAMPANILE – in Szczecin -

. The prices include the breakfast :

- Thursday night (10/04)   :        228 zl  for 1 single room (+/- 65 euros)
                                                             257zl  for 1 double room(+/- 73 euros)

- Friday and Saturday nights :    198 zl  per night for a single room (+/-56 e)
                                                    227 zl per night for a double room (+/-65 e)


  • Friday lunch will take place at the hotel for a price of around 15 euros.
  • Saturday lunch in planned at Zespol Szkol w Przeclawiu at the same price.

. To reach the hotel :

    • from Berlin Tegel airport ( Berlin- Szczecin  Berlin-Szcecin) : the shuttle price is around       37 euros –


    • from the central train station (Szczecin Glowny) – the hotel is about 15 mn     walking and a taxi will cost you around 3 euros.
  • You can use an international credit card for most expenses but the shuttle, the taxi and Saturday lunch have to be paid cash.



Here are the different points that will be discussed during the history lesson.

Axis 1: The first world war in curricula and handbooks.

Some forms are still missing. A last deadline will be set up.
Each partner will have to study the forms that are already on line in order to bring out the following elements :

common points – differences between countries – the place and study of the topic in your national curriculum.

The technical committee will elaborate a comparative analysis from that work.


Axis 2: The first world war in the history lesson.

The different points which will be part of the comparative analyses and the setting of the toolbox such as the reasons of the conflict, the new aspects, the war at the back, the consequences…
A deadline will also have to be set up for the putting on line of these forms.

Axis 3: Museums and historic sites..

As asked in the previous newsletter, you are invited to decide which museums or/and places will be chosen to elaborate a form.
We will determine the way these forms will be used, as well as the alloted time to put them on line.


Axis 4 : Memory and collective representations.

The common part of the questionnaire which was suggested to you is now considered as accepted by everyone.

The next step is to elaborate “national” questionnaires. We will together choose the way they will be exploited.

We will sort out the different aspects of the memory and each partner will choose the elements they want to tackle.


The ressources  :

As planned, the website will be composed of a bibliography extended to the Internet sites but also  to the places and research  departments.
The method of working will be discussed during our meeting and we will have to share out the tasks.



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