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Axis 1

  • The work is practically completed. The curriculum and handbook forms have been uploaded .
  • The synthesis made from the forms (grids and analysis) are still in progress and will be put on line by the technincal committee very soon.

Axis 2

  • All available forms are on line.
  • REMINDER  : each country partner was supposed to find 5 teachers who should have sent their lessons on the WWI. The forms should have been sent by the end of MAY.

At the present time, only 1 form has been sent by Poland. Germany is planning to finish the work by the end of August.
We have to remind you of the necessity to send the requested contributions that are absolutely essential to the toolbox working out  for the training module that is to be tried out by the start of the new school year, in September.

Axis 3

  • The first forms are uploaded.
  • As previously mentioned in the Newsletter of June 2008, the partners should have sent to the Technical committee, the museums and sites lists that were to be subjected to analysis, by the end of June. We are still waiting for these lists.

Axis 5
   Questionnaire : the pupils survey

  • The questionnaire about the pupils survey is available on line in French, English, German, Romanian and Italian. We are still waiting for the translation and the national questions from Poland. There are  no national questions as far as concerned. The survey will be conducted between September 1st and October 15th. It will be possible for the pupils to complete the questionnaire directly on line.


   Memory and collective representations.

  • Several contributions that are very interesting can already be used, more particularly some excerpts of books and contemporary publications that give many possibilities of work with pupils on the « others’ attitudes and views”.
  • As previously mentionel during the committee in Szczecin, then reminded in the letters of May and June, the partners are asked to send us as soon as possible.the memory elements they plan to tackle.



  • Analysis forms on sites and books are available.
  • We are still waiting for your contribution.


The project continuation :

      • The tasks to be done by the partners.
      • Activity  report
      • The “toolbox” making..


The tasks to be done by the partners.

 Axis 2

  • We are waiting for the Polish and German forms.
  • As for our other partners, it is always possible to send new forms.
  • « The toolblox » will be made from available elements but it goes without saying that it will remain « open »so that you may include some additional contributions.


Axes 3 and  4

  • The translation of the pupils survey and the drawing up of the national questions shall be done in case it has not be done yet.
  •  The lists of museums, sites and memory elements that will be tackled, shall be sent to the national committee..
  • The forms and the work on museums, sites and memory elements shall be sent too.


Activity report

By the beginning of September, each partner shall send to the Technical Committee, an activity report taking up :        
  • what have already been done : forms/contributions concerning the axis, national  meetings, dissemination of the project, etc.
  • what has been proposed and planned for the project continuation : activities, themes and contributions concerning the 3rd and 4th Axis, the experimentation of the module, etc

These reports will enable to take stock of the project situation  during the steering committee in Vienna, and write the intermediary report demanded by the commission.



"The toolbox" making.

To make this « toolbox », the material (documents, traces, pedagogical approaches) that is proposed in Axis 2, 3 and 4, will be organized and classified into 4 main categories.:

  • the war causes
  • the key events
  • the aspects of the total war at the front an at the back
  • the peace treaties and the consequences/the conflict traces in the medim and long term.

Thanks to a double-entry table, you will get access to this toolbox.


Iconograhic contemporary documents

Contemporary texts

Other Material traces (monuments – cemeteries –battle sites..)


  • political
  • military
  • psychological
  • démographic
  • economic





  • war launching
  • battles/offensives
  • year 1917
  • the end of the war





- living conditons and the fight at the front.
- human resources    mobilization at the front and back
- economic resources mobilization
- the new weapons
- the new war objectives and   forms
- propaganda
-occupation, resistance and collaboration.






  • peace treaties
  • territorial change
  • demographic consequences
  • social consequences (women role/war veterans…)
  • economic consequences (debt of the states)
  • medium-term consequences on the european states development.
  • mentalities (heroïsm/nationalism)
  • traces/memory elements





  • This first draft of the grid will be improved according to the partners’ reactions and comments..
  • This will enable to elaborate a first version of the toolbox that is to be tried out in the second year of the project.


3 rd Steering Committee : VIENNA  SEPTEMBER 26 th-27th, 2008.

   The hotel booking will be done by our Austrian partener.
For further information about the hotel : .

The meeting agenda will be sent to you at the beginning of September. Activities are planned during the two days.

The main objectives will be :

  • Each partner shall present the work done and what is planned for the continuation of the project.
  •  PrEsentation of the toolbox that will be the basis of the training module.
  • Organization  of the virtual meeting planned by the project.
  • Exchange of views, on the assessment tools of the project.
  • Disseminations.
  • Administrative and financial questions.


The next steering committed will be hold in Belgium (February 27/28th 2009). (The place has not been fixed yet).
The closure committed will take place in September 18/19th in Peronne (France).


Progress report

The progress report shall be sent to the commission by September 30th 2008.
It is made up of several parts and especially focuses on the progress state of the report in relation to the objectives that were planned.
You will find the agenda on the project activities on the website, by clicking on “ project, activity”. At the end of September, we will tackle the 3rd stage : experimentation and assessment of the project with targetted groups in each country : October/February 2009), the continuation of the work an the assessment made by each partner.

The financial part of the report

Some detailed information :

INFOREF has completed the administrative part –(you may click on “project” then “administration”).
A first assessment has been done before the payment of the 2nd part of the subsidy.

NB : 40% of the money shall be spent and justified by the end of September. This is an indispensable and sine qua non conditon to receive the subsidy.

Do not forget to send us your completed forms and Exel tables right from the beginning of September of us to check.



NB / It is INDISPENSABLE to complete the dissemination forms.
A lot of partners have not done it yet.
To have access to it, you may click on “project », then « dissemination » ; then « fill the forms ».
The user name and the password were  given to you in Szczecin, during the committee.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need to get them.



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