1- Péronne Steering Committee, 18th and 19th September 2009

Practical Aspects :

The nearest train station is the TGV Station: Gare Haute Picardie which is located about 15 kms from Peronne, and it is served by the TGV (high speed train) that links up Charles de Gaulle Airport 2 TGV to Lille. For further information, please consult the website below which comes in English and French.

Once at the station, you can take a shuttle or a taxi to reach Péronne.
If you make us know the TGV number and the time you will arrive, we can also book a taxi.

The Hotel Sainte-Claude website.


The steering committee detailed agenda will be sent to you at the end of September.
We will start at 10 am, at the opening hour of the Great War Historial and finish around 5 – 5.30 pm (a visit of the historial the first day and a guided tour “circuit du souvenir des champs de bataille de la Somme  (Somme battlefields) the second day.

This steering committee being the last one, each partner will have to present the assessment of the work that has been achieved during this two-year project and the main results of the project. Some computing material will be at your disposal)

In order to best prepare the agenda of these two days, please let us know the time you will require (if possible : between 10 and 20 minutes).

2- Training module

INFOREF is still working on the new version of the training module in order to put it on line. It is a long and exacting task for the site is made of more than 1000 pages. Some grids are still missing.
The work will be finished for the steering committee.

In order to be very accurate towards the teachers from the different countries who will use the site, every partner should define in its own language the very term of “training module”.
Indeed, it seems that the notion of « module » is not the same for all the countries.
This precision will be very helpful for us, during the long-term exploitation work that will follow.


Reminder: Each partner is invited to point out and let us know possible technical problems (accessibility to documents, links that would not work), languages problems or any other problems.
The modifications will be made as soon as possible.
A rereading and modification work is being done on the French and German version of the site.


3- Final report

The final report must be sent to the European Commission by September 30th 2009, the deadline of the project.  In order to prepare it, each partner will have to complete the following elements and sent them back to us by September 2009, so as to be able to modify or to complete them during the steering committee.
Because of the holidays of every one of us, the time limit is very short and no delay will be accepted by the commission. Thank you to meet the deadline and don’t hesitate to contact us for any information.

            First part: Involvement of staff

This table has already been completed for the progress report. Yet, it must still be updated for the two years of the project.


Partner name:





Staff name

Period of assignment




















            Second part: Involvement of partners

Table 1 :

Workpackage title

The training module making based on the crossing views methodology.









Table 2 :

Workpackage title

The evaluation of the module and project in their whole.










Table 3 :

Workpackage title

Dissimination activities of the project results.










Table 4 :

Workpackage title

Activities aiming at carrying out the long term exploitations of the results.










These tables will be compiled and integrated to the report that will be sent to the Commission. Thus, please, complete them either in French or in English.


            Third part : Financial aspects 


With one exception, the 4th part of the commission payment was done in June, as announced.
The last part corresponding to 20% of the total amount, that is to say the balance of the subsidy will be paid only after the report ratification. This could take several months. Consequently, you will probably have to advance the amount of the expenditure.
Yet, you will have to mention the whole expenses within the Excel table, and send us your last proof payments by September 10th in order to carry out the last checks during the steering committee (expenses of  Péronne will have to be added).

Please, find attached to this newsletter a copy of the explanatory note you got during the Steering committee in Lille as an aid to fill the financial tables.


NB :

I will be on holidays from August 2nd to August 30th, and I could get access to my e-mail box only occasionally. Some additional e-mail addresses will be sent to you in case you should need further information.



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