Newsletter may 2009

1 – The Website and the Training Module

INFOREF has been working so as to put the training module on line. This is a long and exacting task, so some documents that were sent might not have been on the website yet.
You have certainly heard that INFOREF administrative offices of Sainte Véronique school in Liège had been completely devastated by a fire that broke out during the night on the 5th/6th May.
Everything was destroyed by the flames or water.
Yet INFOREF returned to work last week, in new offices the diocese put at their disposal with new office equipment : 27 rue du Vertbois in Liège,


We are still waiting for some grids for the module.
The deadline is over : if these grids are not sent as quickly as possible, we can’t assure you to be able to put these documents on line before  the final report to be sent to the Commission, by September  2009.

Some more details about this final report will be given to you in June Newsletter.


  • REMINDER : The « critique reading » or appreciation of site and module by the partners.

Reminder : Each partner is invited to point out and let us know possible technical problems (accessibility to documents, links that would not work), languages problems or any other problems.
The modifications will be made as soon as possible.
The English version of the site and the structure of the module will be put on line very soon.
Several other data will also be available in English. This is already the case for the dissemination form which is mainly in English.


  • The website and training module evaluation by the teachers.

Some partners (AEDE Austria – Hunedoara Inspectorship Romania – Duisburg University – Germany) sent us lots of forms whose remarks and conclusions are very interesting.
A summary will be soon available on the website.
Other partners have not sent us their evaluations yet. It is still possible to send them even if for some technical reasons, we won’t take into account all these remarks. The deadline is over. But it remains still interesting to get the teachers’ comments or other productions that were put on line.
. 3- Administrative and Financial aspects.

The 4th payment of the European commission’s grant will be made at the end of May, the beginning of June.
It corresponds once again to 20% of the total sum.
Before the last but one payment, please;

  • Send us your financial tables duly completed with your last receipts.
  • The IFP accountancy will check these tables.
  • The payment will be made after the checking.

This payment will be done only if the training module grids are sent to us as mentioned in the second part of the previous newsletter.
Some partners have sent neither the financial tables nor the module grid. As for the latter, the payment will not be made before receiving all these documents.


3- Final Steering Committed: Historial de la Grande Guerre (Museum) in Péronne, 18th an 19th September 2009.

As for the hotel reservation, please, let us know by   June 1st what you want us to book (number of people – types of rooms)
After this deadline, it will be impossible to assure your accommodation at the Hotel Saint Claude that is located few minutes walk from the Historial.

Up to now, there are only 4 rooms available for the night 17th- 18th September.
Some partners have not let us know yet what they wanted us to book.


Reminder : if you want to have a look at the hotel folder and get information to reach Peronne, you can click on the following link :

Another hotel which is far from the centre of the city  would be available but it would be necessary to take a taxi.

The agenda and working hours :

Friday 18th September : 9.45am – 5.30 pm :  a guided visit by the educational services of the museum will be done from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm.

Saturday 19TH September : 9.30 – 5.00 pm : A guided tour : “circuit du souvenir” in the afternoon. (memory tour)
If you want to know more about this memory tour, you can consult the site :



Reminder :

The evaluation forms intended for teachers and teachers to-be, must be sent us back by 1st MAY (cf steering committee report in Lille).
We have been still waiting for these forms (we have not received them yet). It ‘s becoming URGENT. You can still send them to us until 15the MAY. Then, after this deadline, we won’t be able to take them into account.



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