Newsletter March 2008

Steering Commitee 2: Szczecin, Poland, 11 and 12 April 2008.

Our next steering committee is approaching.
The schedule will be:

         Friday 11 April: 9.30am to 12.30 and 2.00pm to 6.00 pm
in the meeting room of the Campanile HOTEL where you will be accomodated too.
* The hotel Website: 

We will end with a guided tour of the town and a dinner.

         Saturday 12 April: 9.30am to 12.30 and 2.00pm to 4.00.

The meeting will took place at Zespol Szkol w Przeclawiu (school)

For the partners who would not have done it yet, thank you to give me as soon as possible the number ot ther persons taking part in the committee, and the number of nights or rooms to book in order to make the organization on the spot easier, whose Polish Partner Zbigniew  Piasecki is in charge of.


Axis 1: The first world war in curricula and handbooks.

For numerous reasons (for administrative reasons but under consideration), some forms are still missing.
The comparative analysis will be suggested to you as soon as the forms are on line, hopefully at the end of March.


Axis 2: The first world war in the history lesson.

This is that very task we have to focus on this month.

The first forms are already on line (Belgium – France - Romania). Others should be on line too, very soon.
These forms, at least one or two for each partners, have to be filled in and sent to us at the end of March, if possible.
(Reminder: 5 teachers at least from 5 different schools should fill them in).
A classification of the documents at our disposal and a synthesis will be performed in the course of April/May 2008.
A “contact” form has been added (“partners” heading – schools). Thus, it will be possible for the teachers who take part in the project to present their schools and send via the e-mail the e-mail address of the teacher that will be protected with a code (partenaire/europe).


Axis 3: Museums and historic sites..

This form of Axis 3 has been sent to you both in English and French.
It would be interesting and helpful to have some of them, even partly completed as mentioned previously for our steering committee.
Moreover, we invite our partners here and now to list the museums, sites which will be subjected to a form that will be completed  by them, in order to establish the list during the steering committee.


Axis 4 : Memory and collective representations.

Please, find attached the questionnaire proposed by the technical committee, devoted to the students.
This questionnaire should be proposed to the pupils or students as anticipation to the lesson on the First World War they will not have studied yet.
It will be focused both on their own factual knowledge and their own representations of the war and what they really know about the “marks” of the conflict.

It is divided into 2 parts:

- The first part is common to all the participating countries and all the pupils will have to answer to it.
It will be translated in your own national language (by yourselves), and downloaded on the website by INFOREF.
Please, don’t hesitate to send us your remarks and comments before March 25.
Beyond this date, the questionnaire will be considered as adopted and will be downloaded.
The second part is “national” and proper to each participating country.

- series of questions are planned ( dates, characters, events, particular aspects, war at the back)

- Each partner will draft their own questions – some elements to match “local ones” that will be downloaded on the site (examples of the French questionnaire and of the Belgian one are available).

- The technical committee then will propose a common questionnaire made on the basis of each country’s different questionnaires. On top of the specific questions concerning their own countries, the pupils will have to answer to this common part.


As for the choice of memory and collective representation elements (cemeteries – war memorials – movies – postcards – cartoons – litterature…), the question will be broached during our steering committee.
Thus, we invite you to think about the different points you would like to tackle.

Administrative and Financial points.

The partnership conventions have been sent. As soon as we have received a signed copy by yourselves to which you will have attached the bank information form, we will proceed to the first payment.
A reminder about these different administrative and accounting points will be done during our next meeting.

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