Newsletter March 2009

1- The Forum

The Forum has been  available on the site since the beginning of March. To  get access to it, click on « forum ». Each partner should be registered. If you have not been  registered yet, please let INFOREF  know your identity (name – first name – e-mail) so that we can register you.
If you want to chat,  you have just to type your name, first name as it is mentioned in “partenaires” (partners), then enter the password, which is the same as the dissimination forms. Do not hesitate to ask us for it, if necessary.
If you wish to register some teachers who take part to the project, please send us their names and email addresses.


2- The website and the training module.

  • The « general points » issue.


If you want some of your wide productions placed under the heading “general points” to be in some other columns, you have to do it yourself in the modified grid you will send us.
If you don’t change anything, your productions will remain under « the general points » heading

The languages issue.

The title of the forms must be written into your own language with also a French or English translation (one of the two languages of the project).
A short summary of the content will have to be written, either in French or in English too.
You can, if possible, translate into French or English, extra contents (ie : the whole form if you think that it is valuable) but you are not compelled to do so.


  • The forms identification.

As it was decided in Lille, the partners have been working on a modified grid that will have to be put on line, but it is a huge work, so it is necessary to find a way to do it as effeticvely as possible.


  • Each partner will have to  send as soon as possible  its own modified and finalized grid, taking into account  the agreement reached  : the translation of the title into 2 languages (partner language and one of the two work languages), completed identifications (topic – author – institution – country).
  • Each partner will have to send a short summary of his forms (French or English)  as soon as possible.




. Module changes an additional points

The module is to be changed and emended on the baisis of the following elements :


  • The « critical reading and remarks  » that has been asked  to the partners.
  • The training module and website evaluations.

The additional points : even if it is technically a difficult task, this module must remain “open” to enable to fill the “empty spaces” that have been noticed. (see attached the grid).


  • The « critical reading and comments  on the training module and website » from the partners.

Each partner is asked to :

  • Pick out the possible technical problems (inaccessible documents – links that don’t work…)
  • Evaluate the site clarity and the browsing easiness.
  • Evaluate the contents  : have all the aspects been treated , if no : which ones must still be treated first and foremost ? If it is that case, you can send us new forms dealing with these themes that have not been treated yet, or links towards the sites that propose documents and/or ways of pedagogical exploitation.
  • Check if the « crossing views » dimension is easily noticeable in the resources and the way there are set out.


  • The site and the training module evaluation by the teachers.


The evaluation questionnaires are both available and operational into 3 languages (French – German – English). The evaluation stage can now start. The evaluation forms intended to teachers or future teachers must be sent back to us by the 1st May (cf : steering committee Report in Lille).


  • The module « directions for use » ?

In order to make the use of the training module easier, an instructions leaflet or directions for use mainly focusing on the “crossing views” methodology could be proposed to the teachers. It would enable to bring further information on the 4 main parts of the module, comparing and crossing the views some documents that are presented here as examples. This work can only be done by the technical committee members. We are waiting your remarks, suggestions and propositions for that point too.

  • When  can we start the site adaptation and how to conduct it ?


  • We cannot  wait too long because of technical deadline issues.
  • The global module and site structure  cannot be questionned any more.          
  • What we can do immediately are the ponctual changes on the basis of what was discussed and agreed in Lille, (eg : logo change) or comments from the critical reading (eg : a mistake in a title).
  • The grid that have been changed by the partners will be put on line as soon as INFOREF get the finalized documents that will no be changed any more,  because of the enormous amount of work;
  • The additional work (the evaluation results – additional forms and as it is proposed, the module directions of use and the explanation of headings) will be added later.



3- FINAL STEERING COMMITTE – Historial de la Grande Guerre
PERONNE – SEPTEMBER 18/19  2009.

Our last steering committee will be held in the Great War Historial in PERONNE, (France).
There in only one hotel which is  located next to the Historial. Consquently, please,  let us know as soon as possible  what kind of booking and accomodation you want.
The hotel is very close to the Historial, about  a few-minute walk. There are only 40 rooms
You can click on the link above to get access to the hotel presentation and the way to reach it.

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